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Edelyn is the name of an extraordinary being. She is ambition and very strong. She is independent and always goes for what she wants. She's kind and has a strong sense of protection. She's the most beautiful thing and is very hard working. She's intelligent and creative. She's also inventive and humble. She treats everyone equally and is insightful. She will never be "owned" and never gives up. She doesn't need anyone.
I can see fire in her eyes, thats how I know its Edelyn. She's unlike any other.
by AKT21 August 24, 2017
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Opinionated, strong-willed, fun-loving, social, sexy in an awkward way, and unusually devoted to her nieces and nephews. She can identify the colors of the monkeys in a barrel to their associated numbers. Quite the prodigy.
That kid is so Edelyn, look at his abstract thinking skills.
by Edynole February 04, 2010
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