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to metamorphosize from a previously edgy, risque, sharp, funny personality into a safe, weak, lame, often gutless shadow of that former self.

Provenance: the declining quality of American actor and comedian Eddie Murphy's oeuvre throughout the years (see: Daddy Day Care, Meet Dave, Norbit)

From US English eddiemurphy (Eddie Murphy): funny man in purple leather suit +

metamorphosize - Greek (metamórphōsis): to undergo a transformation, a change.

Alternate, although incorrect spelling:


Common misspellings:
eddiemurphysize (refers to something which is the size of Eddie Murphy)
You: <insert lame joke here>
Crazy Pete (me): You used to be cool...

You've eddiemurphosized, man...
by CrzyPete August 14, 2009
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