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An Ed Gilbert is the act of taking a haymaker punch to the vagina. The aim of the Ed Gilbert is to become imbedded fully into the uterus of the recipient, at which point the puncher will begin to masturbate with his own feet, until semen spurts out of every known orifice on the human body. By the end of the Ed Gilbert the puncher will have lost his arm inside the uterus and will begin to stimulate ovulation in the female. This is commonly how the average man and woman will complete coidis. To ensure fertilisation the final actions of the Ed Gilbert include taking a two footed kick and a flying head butt at the anus of the female. Only one in five parcipiants ever survive this mating ordeal.
Is she dead?

Not sure, I heard Alex Barry gave her an Ed Gilbert though!
by Gdgdvccb January 13, 2014
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