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The belief that the life of a wombat or a mosquito is more valuable than that of a human, and the willingness to hold a gun to the head of anyone who disagrees.
"I'm not an ecofascist! I'm just saying, that if you own cats, you should be willing to kill your children to make more room in your budget to feed them."
by pookleblinky November 30, 2004
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A belief system, sometimes functioning as an ersatz religion, that advocates the suspension or elimination of democratic principles in order to advance an agenda intended to thwart a perceived threat to the environment. These perceived threats can be changed in the event that they become unfashionable. For example, "global cooling"- a grave concern in the 1970's- became "global warming" at the turn of the century. After some embarrassing e-mails from formerly respected climate scientists were made public, the movement settled on "climate change", holding that any change in the climate is the result of human activity. Evidence of previous ice ages and subsequent periods of warming are not dwelled upon.
Eco-Fascism is not as bad as it might seem. After all, we're just trying to save the planet.
by PBSPinchback July 01, 2010
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