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1. In Japanese it means "Naughty". Like thinking naughty ideas.

2. In sex image books it is the eqaul to word Milf. see the next meaning below.

3. Basically the sexaul admiration of granny, mommy, or a woman who is over there exporation date. Like a twenty year old.

4. It is the continuing stage of Hentai where fetish is introduced. The same is said for Adult entertainment stars after they have gotten too old, or have done everything possible or impossible. Like a ugly man in really nice suit.
1. Man oh man I want to put my hands all over you.
Oh your a echi boy arent you. Wink.

2. I want a Hentai book. I want a echi kinda book, not lolita, lolicon, or anything school girl. A real woman.

3. Man your mom is hot. Hey are you into echi now?

4. hmm women in heart shaped bras brushing there teeth is
so hot. I could imagine the toothpaste exploding all over her
face. Guy you need to see this echi book, it is so everything you just said.
by RegalSin August 22, 2009
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