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It actually was formed when producers Mattman & Robin referred to the alcoholic drink "Sex By The Beach" as "Cake by the ocean."

A singer named Joe Jonas used the phrase for his debut album "DNCE." He has confirmed that "eating cake by the ocean" actually means oral sex: Eating cake. The "cake" is a substitute word for a woman's genitals, like in Rihanna's song "Birthday Cake." It's one of the few words used in songs to substitute bad, erotic words so they don't get censored in the radio; for instance, "sugar" meant "sex" like in the Maroon 5 song, "Sugar."
eating cake by the ocean

Perv: Damn, I'd like to be eating some beautiful cake by the glorious ocean... you get what I mean, right?
Me: What are you gonna do aside from that? Gonna dive in the dough?
by Name315 May 07, 2018
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