To earn a living or make $$ by doing your things on your own; syn to be self employed
To work on a commission only basis with no salary

most common: Slang = to earn your keep
The computer sales business is "eat what you kill".
I run my own business so it is "eat what you kill".
If Jayson wants to work here much longer he is gonna have to eat what he kills.
by JTH13 May 28, 2008
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A hunting policy or gun-ownership policy opposite of hunting for sport. Meaning that you should kill only to eat, or that you should never waste the meat of an animal you've killed.
A commandment to live by regarding taking responsibility for your actions. As in "you killed it, now you'd better cook it and eat it".
A path to gaining power. Ancient peoples sometimes believed that by eating an animal, one could absorb that animal's strength, agility, cunning, or general power. But only the one who slays the animal. In this case, "eat what you kill" refers to the ultimate triumph over a worthy opponent or conquest. Competition between corporations sometimes leads to mergers where the more successful company acquires and absorbs the less successful competitor - ie. how AT&T attempted to acquire T-Mobile.
An expression meaning "leave no trace". As in, a trail of dead bodies could give away the retreating path of a fugitive - so in the event you don't want to be followed, don't leave any dead bodies behind you along the way. Only a super bad ass would eat what he kills, and leave no trace.
You wanna make it in this world? Eat what you kill.

To get out of this jungle, we're gonna have to eat what we kill.

This gun is not a toy. I'll teach you to use it, but once I do you'd better be prepared to eat what you kill.

It's dog eat dog, yo. Eat what you kill!
by criticalmass March 14, 2012
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