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A mysterious substance rumored to be found within certain Walmart Supercenters. Some employees have claimed to have found or consumed them.
Easy slibs are rumored to cause psychedelic effects to the person who has consumed them. However, since no concrete evidence of their existence has been provided, a lot of mystery shrouds their true appearance, nature, and location. Most associates try to keep management members from hearing about easy slibs, most likely so that they cannot be taken away when found.
Employee 1: Hey Mark, do you know where I can get some easy slibs? I heard about them and would like to try some.
Employee 2: If you can find them they're yours. Someone told me there were easy slibs in the family restroom, but I could not locate them upon investigation.
by Slibby McDaniels June 09, 2018
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Something to make people intrigued and want to know what it is.
"Hey do you know where I can get some easy slibs?"
"Easy what?"
by Damnber June 05, 2018
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