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When a woman leans down to hug a young lad or a seated male, his head often turns to the side in expectation of the embrace. The resultant contact is usually ear-to-boob, hence, earboob.
1) "I hate it when grandma hugs me at the dinner table because of the unadvoidable, old-lady earboob.

2) "I love when my Dad's hot, 20 year-old trophy, wife hugs me, but I have to settle on earboob because it would be awkward if I didn't turn my head."
by Tenacious Faulker January 16, 2009
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When the size of ones earlobes can be camparable to a c or d-cup bra size.
I cant even look at that guy he's got so much earboob! I wonder how he fits those lobes in his car.

Dudes got so much earboob he drags them when he walks.
by Johnny Lobes May 06, 2012
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