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A sense of entitlement and lack of respect for other people's time and effort shown by users of the internet, commonly found on discussion forums. Often accompanied by other signs of underdeveloped self-knowledge and bloated sense of self-importance.
Clive_012: "Hey, I got the new Manual of Incredulous Alternatives early. I'll do my best to answer questions that aren't too exhaustive or that'll bring the wrath of the Magicians from the Shore down on our community since they don't respond well to people posting stuff word for word."

Fishy_Bob: "Excellent, I'm waiting for that book to get 'released' ;p What's the full parameters for an Investigative Editor, I want to play one in tonights game."

Clive_012: "They look nice, some nice tweaks to the resolution system. The full parameters fill two whole chapters, a lot of juicy options. They focus a lot on Piece Stuff Together and have a lot of action types for Executive Editing. Quite different from the normal Editor archtypes but they seem to retain the feel of the role".

Fishy_Bob: "Gee thanks for wasting my time asshole, I could have gotten that info from the previews. How about posting something that's actually useful so I can play one tonight!"

Stan_Man: "Check out the eTitlement on Fishy_Bob. Begone, troll!"
by eTitled July 15, 2009
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