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A person who tries to stick up for any "girl" when others flame or rage at her in hopes of getting some ePussy or affection from the "girl". This usually phails 90% of the time or the "girl" turns out to be a guy in real life.
** Online Conversation somewhere: **

Brock: Yo Jenna why are you such a raging failure?

Jenna: OMG Brock stop makin fun of me.

eHero: Ye Brock stfu, don't flame her cuz shes cool.

Jennna: aww thanks, eHero.

Brock: Jenna is a guy irl btw and you aint getting any epussy tonight so U MAD BRO?!?
by Rage Quitin Since 05 September 19, 2010
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The person you knowthat always seems able to fix your technical problems.
You fix my computer and now I can use Facebook again! You're my eHero!
by Some Pers0n August 13, 2013
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