the use of commonly joined first letters of words used in electronic communication mediums, such as text/instant messaging, email, blogs, social networks, etc. Examples: LOL laugh out loud; IDK i don't know; JK just kidding; SYL see you later.
examples of "e-speak":

LOL laugh out loud; IDK i don't know; JK just kidding; SYL see you later; BRB be right back; TTYL talk to you later; LLS laughing like shit; SMS shaking my head; LMAS laughing my ass off
by coach eddie January 8, 2011
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Any of a variety of differenr typing techniches used in IM, forums, or message boards. e-speak is usually hard to comprehend and somecases unintelligible. E-speak is in essance internet slang and the typing styles that come along with it.
e-speak looks like sometimes looks like this:

noob: hI GuYS whUts uP
noob: c.o.m.e.o.n g.u.y.s.t.a.l.k t.o.m.e
noob: wtf doods i jsut wanna talk 2 u guys
Moderator: Shut the fuck up and quit spamming before I break out my Ban Hammer
by Lost In Translation June 9, 2006
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To communicate with someone via instant message. (See e-spoke)
I will e-speak with the vendors about this in the AM.
by jfkelley October 27, 2008
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The language of online hobos and foreigners who don't really speak English at all, but are under the false impression that they speak perfectly, just because they stalk and harass a whole lot of innocent teenage girls over the internet in their spare time.

To form words, you merely omit MOST vowels, but leave just enough that the annoyed person on the receiving end of your message can barely make out what you mean. (see examples)

It is infuriating to decipher when you have somewhere to be and a whole page of offline messages in e-speak pops up on Yahoo Messenger from your foreign friend, who happens to be an ugly old fart from a country whose name you can't pronounce.
Tk cr n hv a lvly nit

e-speak for: Take care and have a lovely night

u knw wat swthrt, u hv drivn me crzy

e-speak for: You know what sweetheart, you have driven me crazy
by XXsilentheatXX July 17, 2009
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