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Type of humor that is only common in internet chats, mails, messengers etc., hence electronic-humor (or short: e-humor).

E-humor is generally employed when subjects are supposed to be playfully discussed which are usually very controversial or too extreme to be discussed in public.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who can't understand and thus can't cope with this type of humor. As a result, they may react confused of irritated (a).

Whereas some people enjoy to have fun and make jokes throughout the day on the internet often exaggerating it which is not very bad, though (b).
Nevertheless, these people are usually the best ones to have fun with either on the internet or in real-life as they don't take things too seriously.

(2nd person failed exams the other day)
"what? you havent passed the exams? awww what a pity.."
"get lost you fucking bitch-..-"
"you seem to have no sense of e-humor man"

"I fucked your mother last night. god she was AWESUM :D"
"Im sorry YOU DID WHAT???????? HAVE YOU LOST UR MIND??!?!?! thats why she was so relieved all of a sudden....."
"calm down was just a joke :D"
The StraightD00D'75 is offline now.


"dude check this out look at this vid *random youtube link*"
"omg those white guys beat up that asian guy pretty bad"
"yeah funny shit no?"
"you bastard Im from Korea xD"
"thats why Ive shown it 2you first xD"
"xD Ill beat YOU up for that believe me, youll pay hahahahaa xD"
"lol xD"
"omg xD"

"did you hear? your hot sister was raped on the street that weekend..."
"xD and you know who did it?"
"xD her butt was juicy as hell hahahaaa"
"hehehe sucker xD"
"exactly! xD"
by BulligerVerstand December 06, 2007
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