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An intangible product or service that is used to either pad, fill or give substance to an already existing product or service that has little or no percieved value.

e-Fluff is never useful and is definatley never wanted, its just there, it just exists to add an extra bullet point to an already long list of pointless features.

Terms like "Digital" and "Downloadable" are often key indicators that you are about to purchase some eFluff, buyer beware!

e-Fluff is generally used to turn a pyramid selling company into one that appears like it is selling a legit product or service.

If a marketing plan sucks, then the best rememedy usually by online marketers is to spinkle a little eFluff around the product page to make it seem like its worth more than what it is.
"Quick, we need to add some more e-Fluff to our product line to try and get more sales!"
by Direct Seller May 13, 2008
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