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When a woman has you leave your wife, children, and four pets to be with her, but she has tendencies as Scarlett Johansson did in the movie "He's just not that into you." A wishy-washy person, who you should have read words any words, to you before you sit down waste more of your life and eat with their illiterate ass, kinda like an eye exam but without the eye part. If you saw the movie you know the type of girl described here, fine but oh so stupid.
Nice face and ass, but dumb and unfocused as a hippie on 5 tabs of killer acid, but she said yes so I dyandradized myself from my normal life to enter the surreal and strange world where nothing matters at all, then she leaves me for the religious sect that worships disappearing goats and other yak-like farm animals or whatever happens to catch their attention for the bloody moment.
by philostl April 12, 2010
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