a green teletubbie with over 20 million people supporting it, this term is mostly used by 12 year old kids who are trying to be cool in minecraft
i'm better than dweam, just watch you trash shit idiot roblox player
by dreamstann June 17, 2021
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the word "dweam" is either used by dream stans, dnfers and people part of the mcyt fandom for a joke.
obsessive dream stan: dweamy weamy 🥴

stan's mother: disowning you rn
by Amberee July 22, 2021
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Dweam is georgenotfounds sugar daddy and does and buys everything he wants 🥺
daddy dweam is my sugar daddy 😍😍😍
by georgenotfound.... September 4, 2021
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a fucking 22 year old man with a job who gets bullied on the internet by 14 year old girls and is really Dream, the popular Minecraft streamer
"Have you heard of Dweam?"
"Yeah that guy who won't say he's good at pvp?"
by Jazzblade March 9, 2021
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Most people have dreams or nightmares. A Dweam is one that cannot be classified into either category and is somewhere in between, starts off really great then gradually turns into an evil twisted series of events that you have no control over.
me wakes up: Wow what a horrible Dweam, We were having dinner with all our family and friends then went out and started running and playing having an amazing time then you all turned into horrific monsters and I couldn't wake up.
by Ellle October 16, 2005
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