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A half ratarded claymation humanoid ape beast which is the spawn of a Hobbit and a Dwarf. They were used mostly as a work force by the Kingdom of Gondor. They fed mostly on horse shit so it was a great cost affective way for Gondor to clean the streets of piles of shit. Dwarbbits were incapable of speech so they were not considered equal.

A group were gathered into a boxing stage and were given 2 geese for payment for cleaning up the streets of the river city. The attempt was to thank them but the result ended up being a barbaric beating and slaughter of all but one Dwarbbit. The surviving Dwarbbit managed to kill the others by beating them all to death with a goose. Thus Gander Match was born and was the main source of income for Gondor for 100 years. This betting on Dwarbbits armed with geese became the forfront to the cock and dog fights of today.

The mortality rate was shocking. Because they were such dumbasses they'd sleep alot face first in the mud and drown. Also, there was a high percentage which would jump off the castle walls. At first it was thought as successful suicides but later found out the Dwarbbits were chasing shiny reflections off the walls. It was noted they weren't smart enough to figure out how to kill themselves.
Dwarbbits are a great way to make easy cash with gambling.
by The Informant99 January 07, 2012
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