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adj. -having all the essentials of being a stud muffin.

adj. -sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality

adj. -Pleasing to the eye or mind; charming.

adj. sexiest word to describe a human being.
Girl #1: What do you think of that guy over there?

Girl #2: He's such a duylicious beast.

Girl in bed Oh baby you are soo duylicious. Let me smell yo dick. Ooh it smells soo duylicious.
by Duylicious CPP March 14, 2010
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1. adj. - having a hott ass and feeling better than a kimberduy

2. adj. - having the essense that is Duy.
1. Damn that girl is duylicious.

2. She's got a duylicious booty.
by IP IHI A IIvII March 31, 2004
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