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a lesbian sex position. in the 69 position but on your sides. legs provide a comfortable head rest.
"im sick of the same old 69... lets do a dutch tulip for neck support"
by chickychicky October 07, 2012
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In short a dutch tulip is when someone has a rectal prolapse.

The long version...
The history of the dutch tulip mimics a common scenario faced by a woman and her butthole when in a relationship with a man. In the early 1600's(early part of the relationship) the tulip(butthole) experiences a tulip mania(the guy wants her butthole) for reasons unknown(for reasons unknown) and everyone buys tulips(they try anal) then the price of the Dutch Tulip goes really high(they start sticking all kinds of things in her butthole). Not long after the price of the tulip goes to astronomical heights(think butthole fisting) the price floor of the tulip collapses(the rectal prolapse occurs) ruining many dutch investors(her butt hurts and she gets dumped).
I've been hammering bae's butthole a lot lately and last night I gave her a Dutch Tulip.
by bradgnar September 07, 2016
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