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A penis-shaped insignia, inscribed onto a dust-covered motor vehicle using one's finger.
Let's draw a dustcock on Basil's car!
by 2bli2 February 29, 2008
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The drawing of a classic text book-style penis graphic onto a dust-laiden motor vehicle. Usually done by hand using the forefinger or middle finger.
* That car is so filthy, someone has drawn dustcocks all over it!

* I need to wash my car, its so dirty, someone has dustcocked the bonnet
by Jonez CoId February 29, 2008
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when something is so dusty (usually a car) that you just HAVE to draw a cock on it with your finger.
"i got dust cocked last night at 7/11. it was tragic."
by jayjoob June 22, 2012
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