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Dirtbag is a sketchy, shady even devious character known to carry out dispicable acts: However, a durtabg is is the lighter side of this. One who is truely a durtbag does these dispicable acts on purpose to amuse both himself and all those around them.
"Did my eyes deceive me or did that Durtbag just stand on the table over there and burn his chest hair as if it were a linty sock?"
by The Original DURTBAG December 17, 2004
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Member of a band who is married and
cheats on his wife OR single member of band
who is approached for sex by a young hot female and denies her.
Did you see that durtbag shoot down the invitation?

That durtbag did not go home to his wife after the show, I wonder where he could be?

Did you see what those durtbags did?
by Seattlespanker May 23, 2013
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