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A cape cod redneck that refers to the rest of the world as off-cape. They fish and hunt and fight and are heavy into drugs. Mainly oxycontin and weed. Basically a hillbilly, yet there's only dunes on cape cod. They own shitty jeeps and trucks and crash into people from connecticut on purpose. As well as sell seagull as fried chicken to tourists at the beach, which they shot over an open dumpster. Also dunebillys are apt to beg to feed their addictions.
I love the cape except for all those dunebillys crashing into my car all the time with their shitty trucks while im in the movie theatre.

Let's ask that dunebilly over there if he has any blow or oxy.

Id go fishing but I don't wanna get attacked by a crew of dunebillys that think they own that spot.
by cappadappas April 19, 2011
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An uncouth ,oafish individual with a propensity for loud, drunken behaviour.Can be of any ethnicity but generally caucasian.Originating in coastal areas but often migrates inland.Especially prevalent around Galveston ,Texas and its environs but widely distributed along the coasts of the U.S.A (unconfirmed sightings reported in Mexico and the Caribbean).Term allegedly derived from hillbilly however dunebillies show few redeeming qualities such as the ability to sing or play a musical instrument.Often emits disturbing howling noise in early AM or when deprived of cheap beer.
She left him when she realized he was nothing but a no good dunebilly.
by noddierud December 07, 2010
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