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suffix that can follow virtually any word, phrase, or sentence. Generally it is used to take the edge off of a statement, question, or exclamation that has the potential of offending a person(s). Can also confirm that one is "just kidding".

First used to make fun of a typo made by a secretary for a private school in Kansas. The letter "d" was accidentally inserted into a student's name that ended with a "t" making the name end in "dt". This sparked the notion to pronounce these two characters as "duhtuh" and add it to words, phrases, and sentences.
Jon: Dude, I just saw the sweetest car out the window in my room!!!
Aaron: Wtf, no one cares duhtuh.
Jon: Hahaha duhtuh....

Carrie: So, did you enjoy the movie, Doug?
Doug: I hated it duhtuh.
Carrie: Haha, me too duhtuh.
by Chris and Brant May 04, 2008
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