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Duggal is a khatri (warrior) clan from punjab.They were famous for fighting along side rajputs (another warrior clan) against King Jalaludin mhd Akbar (the greastest king of all time. )

Duggal's can be hindus, sikhs and MUSLIMS
Pavan Duggal, senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

Kartar Duggal, prominent Indian journalist, writer and authority on Sikhism

Diamond Duggal, Music Producer

V K Duggal, Indian Politician

Vinod Duggal, Civil servant

Brij M Duggal, Senior Software Developer from the UK.

Vijayta Duggal, Renouned Doctor from the UK.

Lt General GK Duggal,Indian Army retired officer from Gurgaon. Associated with strategic community in Delhi.

A S Duggal, ex-Chief Manager Punjab & Sind Bank.

Sandeep Singh Duggal, Consultant for BCP.

Faquir Chand Duggal, Chairperson,Duggal Pharmacuticals,Goraya

Rakesh Kumar Duggal, Zonal secretary, Jalandhar , Punjab Retailer Karyana Merchants Association

RAVINDER DUGGAL, Business man , Lucknow.

HARJIT KUMAR DUGGAL, Business Owner, OXFORD IMPORTS & EXPORTS LTD., from Toronto , Ontario , Canada .
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