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A beverage made with milk and cola, having the industry standardized ratio of 1:1 of either ingredient (that is, 50% milk and 50% cola). The exact origins of this beverage is unknown, but many scholars speculate that the pioneer of this brilliant creation was likely of South Asian decent. A team of chemical engineers and food researchers have carbon-dated the first ever trace of dudh soda to post British occupation India. Dudh soda has two distinct taste variations beyond the standard version. The light and airy flavour of the low-sugar option: "dudh soda lite" (70% milk and 30% cola), and the sweet and savoury flavour of the decadent version: "dudh soda dark" (30% milk and 70% cola). Currently, an new controversial hybrid-formula of dudh soda is being engineered in Canada. As the formula is top secret and of utmost importance to the creator, it is known only to those in the beverage industry as "dudh soda BLAK". The beverage is rumoured to contain 30% milk, 30% cola, and 40% premium roast Columbian blend coffee, thereby creating a drink which is so aromatic, so craveable, and so incredibly tempting that you will do anything in your power to get one of these bad boys in your hands right now.

Always remember: when making dudh soda, add the cola to the milk for best taste results!
Raj: “Auntie ji, can I have something to drink?”
Auntie ji: “How about some goat milk?”
Raj: “Nah, goat milk is soo yesterday, anything else?”
Auntie ji: “I have just the thing!”
(Auntie ji pours some cola into the milk, thereby pioneering the greatest beverage of all time.)
Raj: “What’s this?”
Auntie ji: “Its dudh soda, you‘ll love it!”
(Raj takes a sip)
Auntie ji: “And?”
Raj: (speechless, lost in euphoric bliss)
by John117 October 24, 2007
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