Washing ducks is the sex act of pissing on a woman's tits and rubbing it in.
Washing Ducks:

That bitch is crazy, she totally let me wash her ducks.
I was totally washing Suzie's ducks when her mom walked in on us.
by Not Telling5000 October 9, 2013
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To be completely satisfied
That meal left me feeling like a well fucked duck.
by Citybench February 15, 2014
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Used instead of the actual curse word to sound more appropriate
can be used in public
by misses-bun May 3, 2022
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A Tug and Duck is when you receive a hand job right before you cum you bend over and tug your penis as hard as you can until you cum.
You ask your girl to give you a hand job and when your about to cum you pull a Tug and Duck.
by Mr Prolapsed October 23, 2019
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A response to one up someone saying “fuck a duck”.
(both friends high...)
Friend 1: well, fuck a duck
Friend 2: oh yeah? Two duck fuck!
by Chadd Bryant July 4, 2020
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An obscure but quite common way to subtly tell your friend you want to engage in some homoerotic activities.
"Hey dude, you wanna come over and play some two man duck duck goose?"
by captain quacker June 27, 2017
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