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pre-cum. the pre-ejaculatory liquid that is clear and slides out of a man's urethra and onto his shaft. it rolls off like water off a ducks back; highly viscous pre-ejaculatory seminal fluid.
Thank god for duck water or I wouldn't be able to slide my erect penis into this tight orifice.
by heresjohni February 03, 2010
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In short, duckwater is pre-cum.

For long (?), when a guy's got a boner, the tip of it gets wet on it's own with a fluid that is not cum, but has been known to impregnate as it can contain traces of semenosioflous (aka semen). This fluid is sometimes called pre-cum.
She watched the single drip of duckwater come out of his dick hole - and licked it.
by max the horn April 04, 2009
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Sweat that comes from the scrotum.
After sitting in a hot car all day, I had to wipe the duckwater out of my boxer briefs with a paper towel as to not get diaper rash.
by Barry Blumpkin March 07, 2005
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