After furious masturbation for an extended time, the balls eventually become over worked and become dry/sterile.
Jared, after several years of excessive maturbation, has developed a severe case of dry balls
by cannabis maximus for all January 11, 2006
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In any case where a male experiences a extended period of time without a single blow job, and the testies become dry and arid.
"Dude, have you heard about Jeffrey? His girlfriend hasn't blowed him in since November"
"Damn, he must have some dry balls"
"Yep. Like a desert."
by Ding Ullberry February 19, 2015
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The word Dry ball tells a long story, but long story short. A Long time ago, a middle aged man’s balls been bitten off by a dog. So he put two golf balls in his shaft as the real ones. When he wants to play golf, he just take them out and play them as golf balls.
Dry ball sucker
by Dry ball sucker August 29, 2009
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To be told to do something that has no purpose, for entertainment, or when being checked
He was dry balling when she told him to go to Walmart for tampons.
by 2deep214 April 24, 2017
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The time period in between any two blowjobs; where one feels like they missing out on blowjobs.

Simon "Wet Dick" Bergeron, the sole member of the Fellatio Truth Movement has never experienced Dry Ball Syndrome.
John: Whats up?
Mike: Nothing much, just starting to think I have Dry Ball Syndrome, its been like 3 weeks since I've gotten head.
by SlinkyV2 June 13, 2013
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Chronic Dry Balls is caused by being dehydrated or sometimes even not getting laid (seriously.) It is described as a dry, itchy feeling between the testicles.

Fixing it is drinking a lot of water or getting laid.
I fixed my Chronic Dry Balls by drinking a lot of water.
by DarkArtificer February 4, 2017
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An individual "cat" who is both silly and jewish (either in faith or through his/her actions) "stolle" and has very dry balls "dry balls".
"Raz, why are you being such a stolle dry balls cat?"
"Fuck Raz was being a stolle dry balls cat last night"
"Ohhhhhhhhh Raz you stolle dry balls cat"
by Temaori6969 February 9, 2013
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