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verb. used instead of "shit Donald J. Trump does". Synonymous with "fucking with everything and everyone". drumpfter is the noun for someone who drumpfts.
Example 1:
Interviewee: I will be the best, better than anyone you have ever interviewed. I have a great idea, the greatest of them all.
Interviewer: Yeah no. Stop drumpfting. We need concrete skills.

Example 2:
Person 1: Hey! Let's sign a legislation that will affect half of our population in a negative way!
Person 2: Sure! None of us are from said population, but hey, why not?
Person 3: You two are insane. Stop drumpfting. Remember what happened when President Trump did that on Jan 23, 2017?
by SwiperStopDrumpfting January 27, 2017
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