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The one band kid that isn't actually a band kid. AKA the coolest person in the band along with the drum major. Usually likes to hit things with sticks, including drumheads, practice pads, and bass drummers. The hottest guy or girl in the band that every girl or guy wants to get with.
Band Geek? No, I'm the drum captain.
by i-rizzle May 21, 2008
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A guy who is usually a huge dick. One becomes drum captain because of seniority, regardless of musical skill. The band director usually lets the drum captain get away with anything. Assigns himself the best parts in songs while everybody else gets shit on and put on cymbals.
Drum Captain: Hey, I'm putting you on bells despite the fact you're a better musician than I am for this song while me and my friends are gonna play snare.

Other Percussionist: Dude, fuck you. Bells only play for 13 measures in the entire song.

Captain: But you can read music.

Percussionist: Not my fault you can't.

Captain: You're a faggot.

Percussion: At least I'm not a huge dick.
by Pkshn March 19, 2014
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