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In larger Marching bands. This person is generally not as good as the drum major, but able to hold a leadership position. Getting this positon generally takes some sucking up to the director. Also, the Drum major(s) get all of the credit and pleasent jobs, but the drum minor gets less glorious jobs (attendance, warm ups, etc.)
Drum Major: Hey, get over here and warm the band up! :Hands over a spit encrusted whistle:
Drum Minor: Really? Great! :gratefully accepts the spit encrusted whistle and gets up in front of band to run them through warm ups"

Rachel wasn't as good as the drum majors, so the band director made her drum minor instead.
by woodwinds > brass June 15, 2008
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More comenly know as DMinor
the drum majors bitch
the assisitant drum major
the left overs of drum major auditions
Drum Major: YO! yell at those guys to pay attention
Drum Minor: do i always have to just yell and get shit from the band but not do anything auctually importaint?
Drum major: yup.
drum minor; why??
drum major: cause i told you so
drum minor; ok then.. damnit :
by support bandos November 14, 2006
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