A musical genre which uses drums as its only instrument or drums and other instruments. Drum corps may be marching or non-marching. Use of the term to describe more complex instrumentation combinations may be either a commonly-used shorthand within the particular genre, or a misapplication of the term as a result of ignorance or misinformation. The specific type of drum corps depends upon the type or types of drums used, the presence of other instruments, and the character and history of the specific genre. See also fife and drum corps, drum and bugle corps, pipe and drum corps.
"Drum corps means many things to different people, but one thing to its supporters."
by Songspirit April 18, 2006
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In modern times, marching band for people too stupid to spell properly - or care enough to use a spellchecker. Such people are usually woefully ignorant about a lot of other things too. Sometimes this is due to the presence and influence of mediocre teachers, purported leaders and even predators who use children for reasons of sexual or financial exploitation. All of these are very bad signs of something no one decent should want to be involved with. Unfortunately, these misspellings and contractions are also being intentionally used in order to further disguise fraud.
The use of the terms "drumcorps", "drumcorp", "drum corp" and "corp" are all signs of ignorance and a lack of respect for drum corps, drum and bugle corps and other genuine marching musical history.
by songspirit November 19, 2006
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