“Telling then you no longer want to talk, hangout, etc.” | Dropping someone; Not wanted to be associated with that person.
by Lamonte Johnson January 28, 2019
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When you and someone were close, talking, fwb, or just friends and you/they all of a sudden quit fucking with you.
To drop someone is to let someone go

ex 1. Man i dropped that bitch when i found out she was fucking around.

ex 2. I had to drop him when i heard he was talking shit about me.

ex 3. I cant believe you're talking to my ex man.. you better drop her or drop me.
by Lolqwerty September 23, 2016
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To fight somone and win by smashing that fucking bitch to the ground.
1.I can't wait to drop you at lunch today.
2.Bro I droped someone so hard during wrestling practice today!
3. Wanna get into trouble im bored, want to drop someone?
by Dewiex April 08, 2019
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This is when you have the location or address on where someone lives or where there currently are at, usually used when talking about a enemy or opp.

This phrase/term originates in atlanta and comes from when a iphone user “drops their location”.
I got the drop on a opp we finna spin.

Bruh flexing his money on ig but he look sweet and i got the drop so we made him a lick.

to have the drop on someone
by bombfirst93 June 01, 2020
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