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Follows same principles of a cock block, but instead of preventing someone from having sex, preventing someone from enjoying the drop of a song. The 'drop' part comes from the common term that describes the bass drop in a song (usually electronic, such as dubstep, but also the climax of a hardstyle song, etc.)

The purpose is generally either to get back at someone for playing their music too loudly or just to troll and cause annoyance for someone; however, it can sometimes happen unintentionally.

1) If the target is listening to a song with their earbuds, sneakily pull them out of their ears right before the 'drop' (generally done if their music is audible to the one dropblocking)

2) In the car or any other time when listening to music through a radio/sound system of some sort, turn off the system just before the 'drop'.
-*victim listening to UKF dubstep*
-*dropblocker hears it because victim is listening at max volume with shitty Apple earbuds*
-*dropblocker recognizes song and waits until the end of the build, right before the bass drop*
-*dropblocker yanks out victim's earbuds from behind*
-"Why di-... fuck you, that was right before the drop!"

-*listening to new Hard With Style episode in friend's car, friend is driving*
-*melody is building, seconds away from the kick and the climax*
-*friend turns off car after pulling into parking spot, which turns off the sound system right before the long-awaited climax*
-"Nooo, why did you turn off the car?! You could have waited a couple more seconds for the climax"
-*friend is confused because friend does not understand hardstyle/was not paying attention*
by oConshien December 18, 2013
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