In runescape, a party in whoch players invited or uninvited drop and try to get stuff off the ground. it's mostly filled with noobs..
hey lets have a drop party, but if too many noobs come in start dropping burnt fish... (yea it's a bad example i no. =p)
by israel migdalski May 19, 2005
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Ususally in MMORPGs, a party arranged by a player or players where items of significant worth are dropped for others to pick up. One of the coolest things that happens in online RPGs.
You go to that drop party last week?
Hell ya! Drop parties pwnz0r!
by Steakshack May 15, 2005
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officialy the best type of party. Usually involving more alcalhol than usual parties as you can sleep wherever you drop
is it a drink till you drop party ? Yeah. Sweet extra crate of beer in that case
by pitttddyy June 26, 2011
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