A type of mobile phone missed call where the caller deliberately cancels a call after it has started ringing but before the recipient can answer. An act designed to encourage the recipient to phone the caller back, thereby making the original recipient pay for the call.
Recipient: Did you just drop call me?
Original caller: Yeah, sorry, I've got hardly any credit.
by Robert Dawes October 7, 2008
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When you call someone but you hang up after 1 ring. The person you called gets a message saying that they had a missed call and then they're meant to ring you back or if you planned to get a drop call realise what it means. Another word for drop call is one bell and missedcall
Boy 1: I wanna speak to boy 3 but I aint got any credit
Boy 2: Drop call him and im sure he'll call you back.

Girl 1: Drop call me when you've finished shopping and meet me outside the shopping centre.
Girl 2: K, that'll be about 1.
by Mollzyy April 24, 2008
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A person who persistently phones up their victim for erotic gratification. Most often accompanied by a swift hanging-up or heavy breathing.
Oh my god, you'll never believe it! That was the drop-call rapist on the phone again. That's the 4th time since lunch! I gotta change my number man.
by chileno July 27, 2008
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