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When a man ejaculates sperm from his penis into either a man or woman's nose, causing for the person to breath out of their noise ending in the result of the person looking like a zombie.
"Sarah was pissed when John gave her a drooling zombie because she was not expecting it, she couldn't breath out her nose, and John was laughing his ass off."
by TooOld March 23, 2009
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Something that is dead or should have died, but is still alive. Usually refers to works of popular culture or art, such as TV shows and the like (see Jump the shark).
Guy 1: You hear the Simpsons is writing out Apu?
Guy 2: Oh well, I stopped watching that show years ago.
Guy 1: Yeah, it's a drooling zombie.
by RoundenBrown October 26, 2018
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