dribble dick- adj- the secretion of pre-cum from your cock because you're sooooooo fuckin' horny!
Female - "OMG! We we were fooling around and I saw a stain on his pants! I gave him dribble dick!"

Male - "She's so fuckin' hot! That bitch gives me dribble dick!"
by Bob "Fucking" Martin April 15, 2012
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After you have had a piss and go to sit down the last few drops that you couldn't pass a few moments ago will now start to dribble from your penis or minge.
I'd just gotten up to take a leak after a marathon Pro Evo session, when I got back and sat down it felt like I had dribble dick.
by Rob Canty April 8, 2008
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a derogatory term for a weak person, esp man. implies that one's ejaculate lacks force.
If you just stare at that girl all night, she is going to think you are an utter dribble dick.
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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physically refers to liquid escaping from the penis & thus a very unsavoury distasteful irritaing undesirable thing or character
Used in reference to someone who doesn't have a grasp on reality.
Or runs off at the mouth spouting brainless retoric & causing a lot of senseless pain & waste of life
As in george bush is a dead set dribble dick.
by earthlover42 June 29, 2005
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When one's stream of piss is not strong enough to create a jet motion and instead dribbles down the head of one's penis
Dude, my dick is all sticky because I had a mean case of dribble dick.
by Ayers July 13, 2009
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Small ammounts of urine left behind on the toilet seat by some guy who recently blasted a deuce.
I wanted to use the first stall but the toilet seat was covered with dick dribble. So, I decided to just hold it.
by nikoconnell March 15, 2010
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Dick Dribble - Also known as Jizz, Cum, Sperm, Semen etc.
Ewww, You Spewed Your Dick Dribble In My Face!
Translation: Ewww, You Cummed In My Face!
by Lloydikins October 30, 2007
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