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Dramabook is a social networking site used by drama whores to complain about their lives through constant postings. In the south most of these consist of the words "pray 4 me yawwwwl"
Bubba Sue - OMG dramabook friends ...yawwwwl, I just broke a nail...pray 4 me yawwwwl!!!

by philanewbie September 20, 2009
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1) What they would have named Facebook if they had known it would be used by millions of self important cunts to cause drama.

2) When someone posts worthless crap on their status that they otherwise would never say out loud in public.
3) Posting crap on Facebook that someone would roll their eyes and bitch slap you for saying in person.

SUSY Posts: β€œLike, OMfGROFLCOPTERS, If you’re going to talk shit say it to my face, you know who you are... QQ”

BOB: β€œ dude, did you see susy’s post? talk about drama-book!"
by krewl April 14, 2011
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