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just when you thought things could not get anyworse in your life or work.
everyone and everything else around you gets fucked with a snow balling effect.

mishapaccidentmistakefuckupfucked upchoaserrorblunder
"Drama'o'rama" - ie

Key's locked in the car - thats a Drama
Realising you left the Hand brake off while watching it roll down the hill causing choas and devastation as it go's, then you find out your wife forgot to renew the Car the Insurance and you loose your Job because you need it for work "Drama'o'rama".

A dram'o'rama Normaly occurs in slowmotion with your Hands on your Head whilst screaming Noooooooooooo!!!!
full on Surround sound and Technicolour is included for extra effect - just in case you thought it wasnt happening.....

mishapaccidentmistakefuckupfucked upchoaserrorblunder
by peskyparsnip October 30, 2013
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