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1. Adjective (blend of "drag" (i.e. drag queen) and "delicious" (tasty)Term used to describe a particularly fabulous pre or post- op transsexual, whose long,wavy, greasy tresses (rather like a 17th century peruke) and purty red lips, belie his otherwise grotesque and dudish appearance. Usually indicates that hormone therapy or amputation of the male privy parts is soon to be completed. 2.Noun Less frequent. Sometimes used to refer to a person who is dragolicious in appearance.

1. That dude looks like one dragolicious mofo in real life, kinda like Louis XIV's gay older brother.

2. I logged onto the tranny message board and a dragolicious was waiting on there to ambush me.

3. "Giiiirrrlll! You look dragolicious in those hotpants..."
by Professor Moi September 05, 2007
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