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Usually male, one who will wear some articals of female clothing and tons of make up, but would never have the balls to go full on drag. Many have spawned after the electroclash scene. Most tend to be either scenesters or goths. They also take themselves way too seriously.
1.Jeffree Star
2.Boys at goth clubs who look like girls but you can totally make out there balls in their lingerie
by Judas "Dead @ 35" O. March 19, 2005
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1.In France, policemen on rollerskates(for policewomen you should say: dragqueens or brasiliens)
2. a bitch asshole
3.a bitch...
4.a topass, a boobasss...
"Hear the news, Coasty? In Paris the Olympic Flame was forced to travel by bus protected by policemen on rollerskates! Can you believe that shit dude?"
"Fucking bunch of dragqueers in the French police, free Tibet motherfuckers!!!"
by Slangherinthenight April 07, 2008
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