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In fantasy sports, most commonly fantasy football, a condition where the owner is so happy with their team right after the draft that they already have a place picked out for the trophy. A false sense of euphoria which is usually followed by a last place finish and ridicule from others who remember what a moron you looked like on draft day.
1. Mo had a serious case of drafterglow. I mean he did get Tomlinson, but the rest of his team is a disaster!
by SheikYerbuti August 31, 2007
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When someone is getting a comeupance for something they have done wrong to someone else.
Bibas is about to feel the drafterglow of his actions against the people in and around Estancia.

The drafterglow is going to be big enough to cover Bibas, his partners, and his Palm Springs cronies for their extortion efforts.

They won't be able to avoid the drafterglow much longer.
by newman33461 September 09, 2007
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