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Insane dubstep artist, usually in the works with Excision, Datsik, and Vaski. He has a sick logo and not many people recognize him for his amazing sound, usually Excision will take all the credit for what Downlink does most of the backround work on his music.
Me: "Downlink isn't getting recognized for his amazing talent which Excision takes all the credit"

Douche: "Is that Skrillex's brother?"

Me: "Go fuck a tree"
by thatbasslineguy June 26, 2013
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On the internets, a downlink is a cross between a link and a download. Downlinks are associated with file sharing and file distribution, generally via zipped 'online storage' sites and other unencrypted distribution methods. This difference in functionality separates downlinks from standard links, downloads and torrents.
Alex: I need you to send me that file, the really big one.

Stephen: Ok Ok Ok; I'll send you a downlink.
by PopeMichael October 20, 2011
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