1. Referring to the trip to a magical land(or place).
"Alice fell in the rabbit hole and went down down down."
by Le Sebastien January 12, 2008
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What the cantankerous Homer Bedloe gets stuck with doing every time he misses the Hooterville Cannonball and is therefore forced to take a manually-pumped hand-car along the tracks that run from Hooterville to Pixley.
The ultimate "puffed-up dandy-dude getting cut down to size for once" recurring gag-scene from "Petticoat Junction" is when Mr. Bedloe --- while embarked on yet another failed mission to scrap the Hooterville Cannonball --- is forced to perform his classic "Up, down! Up, down! Up, down!" routine with the handcar-lever as he solo-races a clunky hand-car from Hooterville to Pixley after he's either missed the train or is otherwise somehow prevented from "riding in style".
by QuacksO March 3, 2019
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