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1. Short for douche nozzle
2. A douzzle is a person who can't handle social situations without his douche bag sidekicks. He bumps into you and speaks louder than normal because he thinks his douche nozzle presence is so important. Douche nozzles and bags travel together because they both must exist for douching to occur.
3. A douzzle is one step worse than a douche bag.
4. Someone that either gets on your nerves or is just a fucking bag of douche. You know that one person. He's even more of a douche than a douche bag, he's a douzzle. He has no idea that he's being an idiot and is not suave in any way.
5. Someone who displays a high grade of douchiness. Calling someone a douzzle may be needed if a simple "douche" just doesnt cut it.
Gambit looks like a douzzle in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
by D=Ma^2 May 05, 2009
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