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a promiscuous girl that is out of shape and homely but wears copious amounts of makeup and scandalous clothing to conceal the fact she is gelatenous in consistency of body proportions.
"DizzAMN Steve, check out those dough hos over there! We got a good chance of getting laid but wonder what they look like without makeup or those tight clothes? Let's get them drunk and find out!"
by L-Gregg September 18, 2008
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someone that uses another person for their mother's cooking (preferably fried dough and other breakfast foods).
person one: "Man, I miss hanging out with sally. Her mom made such good fried dough. Maybe we can be her friend again after stomping all over her self esteem so we can eat her mother's food!"

person 2: "lol, we are such dough hoes!"
by bohemian queen 111 August 19, 2008
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A chubby girl who enjoys showing off her butt and listening to emo-rap.
While playing Lil Peep, the dough ho took a bite of her burrito, squatted in her swimsuit, and taking a picture of the reflection in the mirror Insta'd her ass for the fifth time this month.
by Spilly December 15, 2018
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A dough ho is a woman/girl who marries for money.
A girl who marries a rich man for money.
A woman or girl who marries a military man for benefits.
Man that dough ho took you for all ya dough, you need to cut that bitch off!
Did you see that soldier with that skank dough ho? I saw her selling her stuff last night at the clubs, $20 a dance! Damn dough hoes!
by DeathFromBelow December 31, 2011
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