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the act of applying douchery from a distance using a douchebag on a stick/rod.
man this fucker put a gun to my dome and made me use a doucherod on this fat bitch!
by Mr. NAG September 11, 2004
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A vehicle typically driven by white teens aged 16 - 20 that has had a body kit installed, an enormous spoiler, and an after market exhaust whose "performance gains vs. decibel level" ratio is questionable at best.

Vehicles commonly turned into douche rods are the Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cavalier (model years 1990-1995).

It is a requirement of all douche rod pilots to recline their seat to the maximum setting, presumably to reduce drag or increase the ease of receiving oral sex from their copilot.
"I didn't realize the Douche Rod Expo at the mall parking lot was a year-round event"

"I wish these kids in their douche rods would stop driving by my house at night so I could get some sleep"

"Grandma couldn't afford a reasonable used car; now she looks pretty silly driving around in that douche rod"
by JDidds May 17, 2012
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When someone is so unbearable that they are being both a douche AND a rod at the same time.
"Man, Billy is such a douche. I can't believe he wouldn't let me go to his party!"
"No man, he's not just a douche, he's a douche rod!"
by billy trinkets August 23, 2005
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douche rod is a guy who is useful for one thing which is using his cock to siphon out the smell of a girl who has a nasty smelling pussy.
"that chick's pussy smelled so bad that I wanted to give her the number of a douche rod I know"
by Sir H.C. Notneb November 15, 2016
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