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A man made or natural structure made of way to much gold that is designed to house douchery on a mass scale. Some of the key design features are but not limited to, unlimited supply of overused hair jell, shirts with the top three buttons missing, never knowing when to stop talking about the endless pointless stories on the time they did blah blah blah, continuously pointing out their calligraphy tattoo and how it means awesome, industrial cologne applicator, a gigantic shirt with 4 popped collars, and probably every driver who has cut you off, ran a red light, or sped up in the passing lane only to slow down after to hold up everyone else and the entire fox news organization.
Guy 1: Man this party sucks did everyone here just come from the doucheatorium or something.

Girl 1: I know, I can't believe it, there must be a world shortage of buttons because everyones shirt is missing the top three and where did all these NickleBack cd's come from.
by directly at the sun April 25, 2010
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