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Greasy filthy scragley long haired ripped t-shirt, cowboy boot wearing skid. Chases cougars with his fake shity Nashville accent. Usually hangs out at local watering holes preying on the weak. Spreads round worms and Chlamydia to every person he interacts with including pets and wildlife.

Approace with caution, pepper spray and a Hazmat suite. Is known to have winey bitch tantrums and destroy private property.

Answers to the follows calls:

"Cooooorrrryyyy Maaarkwaaarrrt"
"Hey DC!"
"Did you see that Douche Cowboy over there? Coooryyy Maaarkkkwaart....Hey DC!"

"I think I got worms from that Douche Cowboy that took advantage of me when I was drunk."

"That Douche Cowboy' s long gross hair left grease marks on my furniture."

"That Douche Cowboy is so full of himself. Look at what he is Wearing he looks so stupid!
by spacekitty123 February 02, 2017
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